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Rural communities and territories have a vast potential to become vibrant centres of innovation grounded in local resources, grassroots action, creativity and social inclusion. Boosted through digital innovation, valorisation of local resources and training, rural areas can strive to become attractive places for all people to live, work and stay.

RURACTIVE aims to build on this potential to develop and introduce innovative approaches for a sustainable and just transition in support of the European Commission's efforts as well as the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The project promotes community-based action for strong, connected, resilient and prosperous rural societies.

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01/09/2023 start date
48 months of duration
6.5 M € Funding
29 partners from 10 countries

Central to RURACTIVE is the creation of strong networks with the project embedded right at the heart of local communities. We will enable and create Multi-Actor Rural Innovation Ecosystems, as communities of people, places and practices that share interests in specific sectors in 12 pilot areas across Europe. Together with a wide range of local stakeholders, including local communities, the project will enhance the capacity for communities to co-develop, implement and monitor smart solutions by addressing six key topics. Additionally, we will focus on climate change mitigation and adaptation, biodiversity, and social justice as crosscutting priorities as we believe there is no just transition if we do not reflect upon climate issues and social inclusion.

Prof. Simona Tondelli

University of Bologna - RURACTIVE Coordinator
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