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Empowering rural communities to act for change

Impact & Innovation

Through its overall approach, RURACTIVE aims to leave sustainable impacts:

Support rural communities to develop in a sustainable, balanced, inclusive way by improving understanding of environmental, socioeconomic, cultural, and demographic drivers and deploying smart, place-based and inclusive community-led innovations.

Empower rural communities to act for change by providing a comprehensive digital training, capacity building, knowledge transfer and exchange programme.

Equip rural communities with smart and community-led solutions comprising a diverse range of innovations.

Apply an integrated perspective on environmental, economic, and socio-cultural impacts of tourism as crucial assets to sustainably develop rural areas, by leveraging on Nature-based Solutions.

Support a sustainable transition of the food-supply chain, contributing to make food systems more resilient, healthier and sustainable by enhancing the rural-urban interface.

Foster sustainable development and ecological transition of coastal areas by involving relevant ecological and geographical dimension in the project.

Innovation lies at the heart of RURACTIVE’s journey towards empowering rural communities to transform for social change. In the course of the project a wide range of different innovations are expected to be developed:

Digital and Technological Innovation

Innovation that uses digital technologies to develop or improve digital or non-digital products, processes, marketing methods or organisational methods.

Technical Innovation

Innovation that implements newly developed or improved products, processes or techniques.

Social, Organisational and Governance Innovation

Innovation that consists of new or differently configured ideas, products, services, processes and models. They simultaneously meet social needs and support community wellbeing through mobilization and participation.

Financial and Business Model Innovation

Innovation that consists of the implementation of products, services and business processes that affects economic, financial, societal and even cultural dimensions of the market and organisational ecosystem.